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Ian Kaihe-Wetting

Board co-chair

I te taha o toku Pāpā

Ko Whakarongorua te Maunga

Ko Hokianga te Moana

Ko Mataetaua te Marae

Ko Ngāpuhi te Iwi

Kei Utakura i reira

I te taha o toku Whaea

Ko Maunga Piko te Maunga

Ko Parengarenga te Moana

Ko Te Reo Mihi te Marae

Ko Ngāti Kurī te Iwi

Kei Te Hāpua i reira

Ko Ian Kaihe-Wetting tōku ingoa

Ian Kaihe-Wetting

Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao o Te Tai Tokerau Trustee

Returning home to Kaitaia after 32 years in Auckland required some adjusting and a strong desire to
find ways to connect or reconnect with a community I had once grown up in. Much of my
professional background in Auckland centred around education and health with a strong passion for
social justice, and because my husband has a strong Earth Science background, there is quite a
strong alignment of values for us with the trust and with the nature of those involved. Initially I’d
been involved as a Timebank Coordinator and as I have past and current governance experience, I
was invited onto the trust board…so I found my ‘Tribe’ (outside my iwi). As we undertake further
growth and fine tune our strategic planning, we are becoming more confident around moving into
the future.



Nicola Robb

Board co-Chair

I was born and bred in Te Awamutu though moved away from there to attend Hamilton Teachers College. I have tended to find interesting work ever since in beautiful natural environments, especially close to large bodies of water as I love being in, on or around the water. Work has been focused on supporting people to understand their inherent value and live fulfilling lives through a combination of outdoor facilitation and guiding, vocational training, career coaching and counselling. I moved to the Far North in mid-2017 with my (then) work at the Department of Corrections, facilitating therapeutic rehabilitation programmes in Ngawha Prison and in the community. I joined the Tai Tokerau Timebank soon after moving to the area; I have met some great people and learnt some interesting new skills through it. My great passion is seeing people engaged in their community and out enjoying the natural environment. During lockdown I contemplated where and how I can make more of a contribution to the local community; joining the Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao o Te Tai Tokerau Trust felt like a good place to put my energy. Thus far it is proving to be a good decision.


Pat Davis


Born and raised in Kaitaia area.  Travelled overseas Australia, Canada and U.K. in my youth. Met future husband in London, came back to Kaitaia to get married and have lived here for the past 59 years.

I have a large garden { 1/2 an acre] which is in a mixture of flowers, shrubs, trees and all types of food plants, being as Organic as possible.

I became interested in the Time Bank 7 years ago and that led me into Transition Towns and then the Far North Environment Centre and here I am today as a volunteer at the Ecocentre .


I am passionate about food security in the Far North and will do all I can to help with projects to achieve his.


I also believe in getting people back to using their basic skills in general living and will help in any way to see this happen.

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Rebecca Ranum


I've had an awareness of the need to live simply and to conserve resources for as long as I can remember. Being aware of the multitude of problems facing humanity can be overwhelming. I have chosen to focus my energy on what can be done on a daily basis to help protect the Ecosystem, the Life we are all part of. "Be the Change you want to see in the World". I am passionate about permaculture, upcycling, compost making, regenerative agriculture and anything else that contributes to living lightly on this Earth! I am privileged to work with a team of people who share the same passion for making this world a better place. I have been involved with Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao O Te Tai Tokerau trust as a project volunteer and board member over the past 8 years.

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Jo Shanks

Trust Operations Manager and Eco Centre Manager

I have been an Environmental Educator for EcoSolutions for six years now, and love putting my lifelong hippy habits to use! I love doing upcycle workshops, or showing folks how composting and wormfarming are a fun way to feed our gardens AND reduce our impact on Ranganui by reducing greenhouse gases. I enjoy making natural plaster garden surrounds using the resources papatuanuku provides, or making beeswax lunchwraps to reduce our need for packaging. I also like showing folks how easy it is to make cheese, jam and preserves .. so basically I am a premature granny!! I also love music and painting in all my spare time!!!! As I will maintain an ongoing role with EcoSolutions, as well as my new role with you all I'm really looking forward to getting up to great eco activities together, increasing happiness while decreasing our impact on papatuanuku.

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Anna Dunford

Regional Coordinator for Tai Tokerau Timebank

I joined Timebank in 2014 after promtpings from friends in Wellington Timebank. Since then I've taken on a number of administrative roles within Timebank and the running of the EcoCentre. Currently I'm the Regional Coordinator for Tai Tokerau Timebank. I'm the main liaison between the Trust and the coordination team, and I'm involved with the regular national and international timebank coordinators' groups. It has been a fantastic way to connect with my local community. I'm really encouraged by the way the Trust and it's programmes have evolved in recent years in terms of reinventing itself and connecting directly with the wider community as society has awoken to the challenges decades of unsustainable practices have left us to deal with. Timebank itself is a great resource for sharing and learning skills and resources. Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai; many hands make light work, unity is strength.


Greer Rasmussen

Whāngārei Coordinator Tai Tokerau Timebank

I moved up to Northland last year but spent a lot of my childhood here at my grandparents place in Manganese Point and family bach at Teal Bay so it feels a bit like coming home. I have a bachelors degree in business, a graduate diploma in accounting and a Level 2 certificate in carpentry. When I am not working for the timebank,  I run my own remote bookkeeping business- I mostly work with social enterprises, community groups and charities. I am a bit of a hobby junkie. In my spare time, I like baking/ cooking and bike riding. I will also try any type of creative project, my favourites right now are woodworking, shoemaking, embroidery and dressmaking. 

I am the  Whāngārei coordinator for Tai Tokerau Timebank. 

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Graeme Kettle

Kaikohe-Hokianga Coordinator Tai Tokerau Timebank

I live with my partner and two young children on a lifestyle block near Kaikohe. I'm passionate about organics, permaculture and sustainable living. Healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people. I'm also passionate about healthy communities and this is why I no longer work as a land surveyor or site engineer; but rather within in the community in organisations like TimeBank. I love the way that timebanking connects people and strengthens local communities so that we can share, learn from each other and grow together. 


Charlotte Boss

BOI - Whangaroa Coordinator  Tai Tokerau Timebank

love the great outdoors, kiwi lifestyle and live with my husband on our small lifestyle plot near Opua.  I grew up in rural Warkworth and, after some travel and a few years working with an amazing conservation/research group for Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, have relocated up to the Far North - hopefully for good.

My passions include food, connecting with people, creating with my hands, and protecting our planet. When I’m not working with Timebank you’ll probably find me either gardening, running and creating for my zero-waste eco store, dreaming of my future food forest, or running around after various farm animals (fencing is not one of my best skills).

I am a sucker for rubbish - cleaning it up that is!  I encourage any kind of local waste-reduction initiatives and one of my pet projects is the Paihia Community Repair Workshop - I love engaging with others in the community who also want to get away from our ‘throw-away’ consumer lifestyle, reduce rubbish and share repair skills, all while connecting over a cuppa.

I am the coordinator for Bay of Islands to Whangaroa region of Tai Tokerau TimeBank.


Waikarere Gregory

Plastics Free Kaitāia (PFK) Coordinator and Kaitāia Cycle

Waikarere Gregory’s mahi under Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao o Te Tai Tokerau includes Plastic Free Kaitāia 2020 Coordinator and KaitāiaCycle.

Born and bred in Pukepoto beside her wharenui, Te Rarawa marae, Waikarere had the privilege of a rich upbringing amongst her people - hearing local stories, growing up with tikanga and traditional arts.

As tangata whenua and a mama, Waikarere sees her connection to the whenua as what guides her everyday and in her mahi - ensuring we leave whenua fit for our tamariki mokopuna. 


Jo Bradley

Community of gardeners Coordinator


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Aaron Fahey

Community of gardeners Coordinator

I believe co-operation and service to something greater than the individual is a fundamental life principle necessary for a healthy environment, society and way of life. Being actively involved in the production of our food and regenerative practices helps us to remember our relationship with what we depend on for life; clean air, clean water and healthy food. I am passionate about engaging in community projects that cultivate a natural sense of interconnectedness and care for the land as I think its important to bring these values into our daily lives more and more.

I started Arama Community Garden and Nursery in Peria, which has since become a collaboration with the community gardening project of the Far North Environment Centre. At Arama, we are in the process of turning a paddock into a thriving pocket of ecological diversity by employing permaculture principles.


Lyn Vos

Assistant Manager - Ecocentre

I grew up in a poverty stricken part of South Africa where my parents modelled cultural sensitivity and resourcefulness.

As a missionary I taught craft and cooking skills, knitting, sewing and basic small business skills. Then, working in skin research I learned to run a laboratory with responsibilities covering a wide spectrum of administration alongside the testing.

My inner healing journey has been progressively unlocking my creativity. I've enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies and love helping people where I can.