Plastics Free Kaitaia

Working togeher with other local groups to help rid Kaitāia of single use plastic for a better and healthier environment.

Plastic Free Kaitāia 2020 (PFK2020) aims to raise awareness about the impact single use plastic has on our health and the health of the environment, encouraging people to reduce their use of it and helping them to find and/or make alternatives.


PFK2020 also engages with local businesses to do the same.

During Plastic Free July, a global challenge to lessen our use of single use plastic, PFK2020 organises a range of events, these include: a stall at the Kaitāia Saturday market, working bees to make t-shirt bags and much more. You can read blog posts about PFK2020 activities here.

This year PFK2020 focused on reducing the need to purchase single use water bottles with the launch of Kaitāia wai, their reusable insulated drink bottle.

Instore at Ecocentre Kaitāia are initiatives from past years, encouraging the use of reusables instead of their singleuse plastic alternatives: the Kaitāia kete (reusable shopping bags upcycled from fabrics – with a style, size and fabric to satisfy every taste)  Kaitāia kapu (reusable coffee cup - each cup comes with a voucher for a free coffee!), as well as both paper and stainless steel straws from our Straws Suck Pledge.

Are you concerned about the amount of single use plastic making its way into our environment? Or do you or your company want to make a change and need help?

Contact our Plastic Free Kaitāia 2020 Coordinator Waikarere Gregory by email by clicking on the button below

or by phone 021 162 8071.

And have a look on the Facebook page!